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Pickwick Solicitors-DWP Investigations

We can represent you at a DWP (Department of Works and Pensions) Investigation.  

We are very experienced in this area of law and regularly attend JobCentres with our clients for these types of investigations.  

As soon as you are asked to attend for interview contact us on the above number and we will speak to the investigator on your behalf. We can then advise you in relation to the allegation and attend with you for interview if required.  

The DWP often investigate where they believe there has been an over payment. They will interview you under caution .i.e the interview is recorded. They will then take some time to make a decision whether to prosecute you or not. It is very important to seek legal advice before your interview as what you say in interview can be repeated at court in a subsequent trial or sentence hearing.  

If you have already been interviewed and you have been summoned to court we can assist you at this stage.  

Contact us for advice.  

Contact us

Pickwick Solicitors

Phone: 0208 502 9398

Email: [email protected]

Out of Hours Emergency Police Station Number: 07961102829 or 07912347048

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Mon-Fri: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Sat: Closed

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Out of hours we are available for emergencies such as police station advice.